#SFGuide Top Picks: July 15th–July 22nd

Lombard Street at night in San Francisco
#SFGuide Top Pick: Slow-shutter traffic on San Francisco's famous "crooked street", Lombard Street.
San Francisco skyline from beneath the Bay Bridge
#SFGuide Top Pick: Ferry views of San Francisco's iconic skyline.
Looking up at palm trees and Salesforce Tower from Salesforce Park
#SFGuide Top Pick: We're feeling major SoCal vibes… in Salesforce Park.
Golden Gate Bridge and Sutro Tower above the fog
#SFGuide Top Pick: Peek-a-boo.
Parrots flying across Coit Tower and the moon in San Francisco
#SFGuide Top Pick: Nightbirds.
#SFGuide Top Pick: Lakeshore Boulevard has nothing on the Embarcadero.
fnnch honey bear and bicycle mural in San Francisco
#SFGuide Top Pick: Who doesn't love a good fnnch-stagram?

Since launching the #SFGuide hashtag on Instagram in 2015, we have received over 110,000 photos to be regrammed on @49milessf by local photographers and visitors. With so many incredible submissions, we decided to feature our favorite #SFGuide posts on 49Miles.com as well.

Each week, we handpick our top ten favorite photos tagged with #SFGuide from the previous week. For a chance to be featured on our feed or 49Miles.com, follow @49milessf on Instagram and tag your photos with #SFGuide.

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