The 7 Best Fully-Fenced Dog Parks in San Francisco

In San Francisco, dogs outnumber children. Seriously. It’s been estimated by the San Francisco Animal Control that there are approximately 150,000 dogs within the city’s 49 square mile perimeter.

Being the dog capital of America, it should come as no shock that San Francisco is also home to over 40 dog-friendly parks. Scattered throughout the city’s hilly landscape, there’s no shortage of dog parks and other safe, off-leash play areas for your pup to enjoy.

With dogs needing at least 30 minutes to 2 hours of daily activity for physical and mental health reasons (and to prevent zoomies, of course), San Francisco’s dog parks are a great place to take your four-legged pals for exercising and socializing. However, not all dog-friendly parks feature fully-fenced dog runs.

To allow you and your dog to enjoy worry-free playtime, we have mapped 7 of San Francisco’s best fully-fenced dog parks. Here, your pup can run wildly into the distance, off-leash, while you capture the moment on Instagram, of course. #DogsOfSF. Please remember: worry-free doesn’t mean care-free. You must always keep an eye on your fur baby to pick up droppings and ensure everyone’s visit is a pleasant one.

Updated: July 30, 2019

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Corona Heights Park
32 Museum Way, San Francisco, CA
Located at the base of the windy Corona Heights Summit, which offers unobstructed 360-degree views for you and your pup to soak in on-leash, is the Corona Heights Park. This lush play area also boasts fantastic views of the city, and also enjoys a beautiful wildflower display including California poppies, Mule’s Ears, and Johnny Jump-Ups, so please be mindful of where your dog wanders. Be wary of poison oak here!
Hours: Daily: 5AM–12AM

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Golden Gate Park: Dog Training Area
38th & Fulton Street, San Francisco, CA
One of the largest fully-fenced, dog runs in San Francisco, Golden Gate Park’s Dog Training Area is located directly behind the Bison Paddock. This play area attracts large crowds on sunny days, and tends to get dusty due to its dirt surface. A great place to let your pup roam free and make new friends, especially if you’re looking to spend a day wandering through the park.
Hours: Daily: 5AM–12AM

Mission Creek Dog Park
485 Berry Street, San Francisco, CA
With an astro-turf and gravel surface mix, Mission Creek Dog Park is a well-maintained dog play area, with trees for shade and picnic tables for owners to hang out on. Forgot waste bags to pick up after your furry friend? No worries, this park is stocked with free waste bags and waste containers.
Hours: Daily: 7AM–10PM

Rincon Hill Dog Park
486 Beale Street, San Francisco, CA
Rincon Hill Dog Park features two separate and routinely maintained gated play areas for small and bigger dogs. Both enclosures are large enough for dogs to freely run around, but small enough that you don’t need to worry about pup’s with poor recall. Though there is a lack of shade and it tends to get noisy from street traffic, the Rincon Hill Dog Park features a plethora of amenities including water fountains with water bowls, waste bags courtesy of Pawtrero Bathhouse & Feed Pet Store, waste containers, and park benches.
Hours: 7AM–9PM

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St. Mary’s Dog Play Area
95 Justin Drive, San Francisco, CA
By far one of the best all-around dog play parks in the San Francisco, St. Mary’s Dog Play Area has a double gated entrance leading to a large, manicured grass field. There are a plethora of benches and picnic tables where visitors can sit while they watch their pups, and water fountains.
Hours: Daily: 6AM–10PM

Upper Douglass Dog Play Area
27th & Douglass Boulevard, San Francisco, CA
Thanks in part to the Friends of Upper Douglass Dog Park, hundreds of pups are able to enjoy a well-maintained, diverse range of terrain from the flat grassy field in the play area’s main area, to the woodsy upper hillside featuring mini dirt trails in Noe Valley’s Upper Douglass Park.
Hours: Thursday–Tuesday: 6AM–10PM, Closed on Wednesdays

Walter Haas Park and Playground
Addison & Farnum Street, San Francisco, CA
Adjacent to the equally picturesque Billy Goat Hill, Walter Haas Park and Playground features a fully-enclosed dog run equipped with a double gated entrance, doggie fountain, and crushed stone surface to prevent muddy paws on wet days.
Hours: Daily 5AM–12AM

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