#SFGuide Featured Photographer: Natalie Tereshchenko

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This week’s featured #SFGuide photographer is Natalie Tereshchenko (@bakenofake), a Food & Lifestyle Blogger from Ukraine. Scroll down to view Natalie’s breathtaking photos, and learn more about what inspires her as a creative in the Bay Area.


Photo: Natalie Tereshchenko, @bakenofake. #SFGuide Featured Photographer.

#SFGuide Photographer Profile

Natalie Tereshchenko (Yeah, I have a “hard to pronounce” Ukrainian last name)
Age: 30
Profession: Food and lifestyle blogger with tech background
Website: www.bake-no-fake.com
Place of Birth: Ukraine
Where do you currently reside: San Francisco
Something you’d like viewers to know about you: I do a laborious restaurant research almost each time we’re eating out 🙂

What is your favorite spot to shoot in San Francisco, and why?
The Bay Bridge! I vividly remember the day it happened. I was on my evening run, hitting the streets of SoMa. It was already dark and rainy, people were rushing home from work, I was completely in my thoughts. And then — boom! — I saw it, in all its lights and majesty. It was definitely love at first sight!

Photo: Natalie Tereshchenko, @bakenofake. #SFGuide Featured Photographer.

When and why did you take up photography?
That’s an interesting question because I don’t consider myself a professional photographer. I feel stoked to be featured among such professionals, so thank you @49milessf for that extra credit! ?  My photography journey started maybe 5 years ago when Instagram was used mostly for showing what you ate for breakfast. It’s only the last couple of years when I’ve started to take photography more seriously.

What do you love about photography?
I find it fascinating that even if 100 people shoot exactly the same scene, the end result will be different! We all see and experience the world in our own ways. Isn’t it magical?

How do you decide what to shoot?
Unless it’s a shot for my food blog, I usually don’t plan any scene in particular. I’d prefer to pick out a neighborhood, grab a cup of coffee and walk there with my eyes wide open.

Photo: Natalie Tereshchenko, @bakenofake. #SFGuide Featured Photographer.

What’s your favorite part about going out to shoot?
I like when I notice new things on the same streets I’ve walked a million times. It makes me sing love songs to San Francisco again and again.

Which location did you have the most difficulty getting to, and how did you do it?
I still have this kind of a location– it’s Billy Goat Hill Park with its famous swing. Each time I want to go there the swing is gone!

Photo: Natalie Tereshchenko, @bakenofake. #SFGuide Featured Photographer.

What is your dream shot? (Where, what time of day, what’s in it / the subject?)
I want to shoot (and see) San Francisco from above during a sunny day.

What is your favorite app to use for photo editing on the go, and what are your top 3 favorite filters?
My go-to editing app is VSCO. It might feel intimidating when you see it for the first time, but once you get used to it, the editing process becomes very easy. My favorite filters there are F1, F2 and A6.

How does Instagram and the #SFGuide community inspire you?
Oh, both Instagram and the #SFGuide community are my daily source of inspiration! And on top of that they helped me make friends in a new country. I’d say 90% of people I know here in San Francisco came to my life thanks to Instagram.

Photo: Natalie Tereshchenko, @bakenofake. #SFGuide Featured Photographer.

What are your favorite San Francisco-based Instagram accounts to follow?
@californiaweekend is my favorite when it comes to finding an interesting activity for the weekend — whether it’s an unbeaten path for a hike or a trip to a family-owned winery. @nantuck3t — she has an eye for all things beautiful, including but not limited to shots of San Francisco, nature adventures and places to eat. @cocu_liu — I’ve discovered this profile not so long ago but I’m in constant awe with the colors of the photos.

What type of camera do you use? And what is your dream camera?
Will I sound unprofessional if I say that my favorite camera is my iPhone? I mean seriously! I love that it’s always with me and I love the quality of photos it can provide. As for my real camera, I currently use a good ol’ Canon 500D with 50mm 1.8 lens. Deep down, I’m dreaming about upgrading to Canon 5D something and having more cool lenses.

What are your favorite settings in your idea shot?
Lens: 50mm
Aperture: f/2.2
Shutter Speed: depends
ISO: 100-200
White Balance: Auto
Focus (Manual / Auto): Manual
Image Format (RAW / JPEG): RAW

What advice would you give to new or rising photographers that you wish you had received when you first started?
Read the camera manual (I still have to! :))

What do you love about living in the San Francisco Bay Area?
No matter how many years you’ve lived here, there’s always beautiful spots to discover!

Photo: Natalie Tereshchenko, @bakenofake. #SFGuide Featured Photographer.
Photo: Natalie Tereshchenko, @bakenofake. #SFGuide Featured Photographer.

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