#SFGuide Featured Photographer: Matthew Evearitt

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This week’s featured #SFGuide photographer is Matthew Evearitt (@beholdcreators), a teacher from Seoul, Korea. Scroll down to view Matthew’s breathtaking photos, and learn more about what inspires him as a creative in the Bay Area.

Photo: Matthew Evearitt, @beholdcreators. #SFGuide Featured Photographer.
Photo: Matthew Evearitt, @beholdcreators. #SFGuide Featured Photographer.

#SFGuide Photographer Profile
Name: Matthew Evearitt
Age: Older than I feel.
Profession: Teacher, Freelance Photographer/Videographer
Place of Birth: Seoul, Korea
Where do you currently reside: Emeryville, CA
Something you’d like viewers to know about you:
I think I’d just want them to know that my love for visual storytelling comes from a place of caring and my wanting to make a positive impact on the world. And also I’m a new father!

What is your favorite spot to shoot in San Francisco, and why?
I love shooting at the Sutro Baths, because there’s so many different visuals and looks you can capture there. I also love the Eastern span of the Bay Bridge… there’s still a lot of ideas I have for visuals I want to get there!

When and why did you take up photography?
I started out as a high school student just wanting to take photos of my friends skating around town. Then I moved to New York to teach, and kept shooting as a side gig. It wasn’t until moving to the Bay Area though, that I think I really expanded the way I shoot and edit – it’s been really inspiring being here and hanging out with the photographer/artist community!

Photo: @beholdcreators. #SFGuide Featured Photographer.
Surf’s up. Photo: @beholdcreators. #SFGuide Featured Photographer.

What do you love about photography?
I love that photography is an immediate way of telling a story, in one image. It’s super satisfying knowing that you can do that with still images. I also love that you can impact change through photography, and inspire people to do something positive–taking action on an issue in the world, being aware of things happening in the community–that can all happen through the click of your shutter.

How do you decide what to shoot?
I get inspiration from a lot of other artists in the Bay Area, and love just coming up with new ideas through that inspiration. I look for something different to my eye, and I look for the story behind the images. Sometimes, it’s just a reaction too–I have a camera with me at all times and if something inspires me in a moment on the street, I’ll make sure I get an image!

What’s your favorite part about going out to shoot?
It’s meditative and creative to me every time. Shooting can be full of life and all the good and bad within can come out of it. I get into really interesting, sometimes scary situations through it, but that’s also part of the appeal of it to me. I think it really is just an outlet for me in all ways, and I love that about it.

The Bay Bridge at sunset. Photo: @beholdcreators. #SFGuide Featured Photographer.
The Bay Bridge East Span. Photo: @beholdcreators. #SFGuide Featured Photographer.

Which location did you have the most difficulty getting to, and how did you do it?
The Eastern span of the Bay Bridge! A friend and I climbed up the hill on top of the tunnel actually at sunrise, but there is a way easier way to do it. I’m kinda glad I did it that way though, because it was an adventure!

What is your dream shot? (Where, what time of day, what’s in it / the subject?)
I’ve always wanted to do a helicopter shoot! Anyone that wants to go in on a heli-ride, I’m down. I also really want to get a great exposure at rodeo beach someday, and do more shoots with rad artists in Oakland.

What is your favorite app to use for photo editing on the go, and what are your top 3 favorite filters?
I use VSCO, Mextures, or Lightroom Mobile when I’m on the go. I really like the M5 or ACG filters on VSCO. On Mextures, I love the Tony Detroit 313 filter.

Photo: @beholdcreators. #SFGuide Featured Photographer.
Rainy days in the City. Photo: @beholdcreators. #SFGuide Featured Photographer.

How does Instagram and the #SFGuide community inspire you?
I get my inspiration from a lot of the artists that use #SFGuide! I’m just really thankful to have met so many people from that community. I think that is the most inspiring part about the IG–community.

What are your favorite San Francisco-based Instagram accounts to follow?
@andreweggers, @ruffdraft, @judeallen, @tinks510@dannymacrostie, and @jasmindolla. Also, @the_lost_coast – he’s from Sacramento, but he probably has helped and been most inspiring since I moved here!

What type of camera do you use? And what is your dream camera?
I have a Canon 6D, and primarily use a 24-105mm with it. My dream camera is the Sony a7S!

Photo: @beholdcreators. #SFGuide Featured Photographer.
High tide at Sutro Baths. Photo: @beholdcreators. #SFGuide Featured Photographer.

What are your favorite settings in your idea shot?
For a sunset/almost night shot at the beach…
Lens: 24-105
Aperture: 4.0
Shutter Speed: 1/4
ISO: 400
White Balance: Auto
Focus (Manual / Auto): Manual
Image Format (RAW / JPEG): RAW

What advice would you give to new or rising photographers that you wish you had received when you first started?
Just keep shooting! Always network and learn from others too. Feel free to hit me up; I dig collaborating.

What do you love about living in the San Francisco Bay Area?
It’s been the most inspiring place for my creativity to grow! Thank you @49milessf.

Trolley on California Street. Photo: @beholdcreators. #SFGuide Featured Photographer.
Trolley on California Street. Photo: @beholdcreators. #SFGuide Featured Photographer.

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