9 Scary Movie Nights in SF You Need to Attend by Halloween

Nothing screams Halloween quite like a scary movie. Because, you know, there’s a lot of screaming in scary movies.

The month of Halloween is here, commonly known as October on the Gregorian calendar.  Indeed, Halloween is to horror films like Christmas is to holiday music: out of all the days in the year, this time is the most appropriate opportunity to overload on movies about monsters, aliens, and Jamie Lee Curtis (oh my!).

Though Netflix might be adequate year round, this October we suggest you pay it forward to local indie theaters to watch horror flicks in their full gory glory.  This will require you to get out of your pajamas and leave the house. But it’ll be worth it.

San Francisco is peppered with fabulously unique theaters that intensify the cinematic experience with their retro vibes. The dramatic ambiance of local theaters like the Castro Theatre amplifies the spooky elements of a scary movie, thus taking your halloween horror movie night to the next dimension.

All month long, local movie theaters are embodying the spirit of Halloween by screening specially-selected horror films, ranging from the classic cult favorites to campy pseudo-horror comedies. Do yourself a Halloween favor by getting deep into the spirit this month by watching theses 10 chillingly spooky-scary film screenings at local theaters:

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1. Super Dark Times at the Alamo Drafthouse

Photo: imdb.com

Lifelong teenage besties Josh and Zach must share a secret after a gruesome accident, a terrible secret which drives them into a rabbit hole of escalating paranoia and violence.
Super Dark Times | Alamo Drafthouse, 2550 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA | October 6th-12th: check schedule for showtimes | $11

2. SpookFest at the Roxie Theater

Photo: roxie.com

The Roxie Theater is hosting a one-night-only short film festival of spooky short films. Mutant produce may or may not make an appearance.
SpookFest | Roxie Theater | 3117 16th Street, San Francisco, CA | Friday, October 13th: 7PM | $13 

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3. Christine at the Roxie Theater

Photo: imdb.com

Head to the Roxie to watch the classic horror flick Christine in 35mm, in which a nerdy teen unsuspectingly buys a car possessed by evil. Watch what happens when this vehicle takes a few deathly detours.
Christine | Roxie Theater, 3117 16th Street, San Francisco, CA | Friday, October 13th: 9:30PM | $8-$12

4. Frankenstein Triple Feature at the Castro Theatre

Photo: imdb.com

The Castro Theatre is screening a Frankenstein triple feature just in time for the Halloween holiday, with Frankenstein, Bride of Frankenstein, and Son of Frankenstein.
Frankenstein Triple Feature | The Castro Theatre, 429 Castro Street, San Francisco, CA | Sunday, October 15th: check schedule for showtimes | $12-$15

5. The Old Dark House and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Double Feature at the Castro Theatre

Photo: imdb.com

Double feature for double the horror. The Old Dark House and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre are both “destination” horror films in which a group of travelers encounter deranged murderers along the road.
Double Feature: The Old Dark House & The Texas Chainsaw Massacre | The Castro Theatre, 429 Castro Street, San Francisco, CA | Friday, October 20th: 7:30PM & 8:55PM | $9-$12

6. Halloween at the Clay Theatre

Photo: imdb.com

It would be a rather fitting choice to watch Halloween to get into the spirit of Halloween. Watch what happens as Jamie Lee Curtis circa 1978 attempts to survive a knife-wielding, mask-bearing lunatic.
Halloween | Clay Theatre, 2261 Fillmore Street, San Francisco, CA | Friday & Saturday, October 20th-21st: 11:55PM | $10

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7. Space Visitors Film Festival at the Balboa Theater

Extra terrestrial and extra spooky! Get spooked out by UFOs and aliens at the Space Visitors Film Festival, a unique film experience that you can’t get at AMC.
Space Visitors Film Festival | Balboa Theater, 3630 Balboa Street, San Francisco, CA | October 21st-22nd: all day, check event page for schedule | $20-$25

8. The Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Victoria Theatre

Photo: imdb.com

Ah, there’s nothing quite as fun as going to the Rocky Horror Picture Show. With no shortage of seasoned drag queens, Ray of Light’s annual  production starring D’Arcy Drollinger as “Sweet Transvestite” Frank-n-Furte is sure to have you doing the time-warp all night long. Make sure to dress up as your favorite characterIf you’ve never been to Rocky Horror before, then prepare for an unforgettable evening of lipstick and bad behavior.
Rocky Horror Picture Show | Victoria Theatre, 2961 16th Street, San Francisco, CA | October 26th-November 4th: check site for schedule |  $30-$40

9. The Craft Movie Party at Alamo Drafthouse

Photo: imdb.com

Even if you’re too cool to trick-or-treat this year, you’re certainly not too cool for The Craft squad (no one is). Spend your Halloween night watching this grungy 90’s movie that is basically the witchy version of Clueless.
The Craft Movie Party | Alamo Drafthouse, 2550 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA | Tuesday, October 31st: 7PM | $16

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