7 Pumpkin Patches in Half Moon Bay to Visit Before Halloween

What do you use to mend a jack-o-lantern?

A pumpkin patch!

Hallow’s Eve is a mere 2 weekends away. Are you pumped, kin? Punkins puns aside, the San Francisco Bay Area is in dire need of more pumpkin decorations to get into the Halloween spirit. How else will we know what season it is?

There is still plenty of time to bulk up your pumpkin supply before Halloween. Considering the plethora of gorgeous pumpkin farms and patches in Half Moon Bay, which is a beautifully scenic 25 mile drive from San Francisco, you might as well make a day out of your quest for the Great Pumpkin. You know, in honor of Charlie Brown. Even though many are daunted by the alleged weekend traffic en route to Half Moon Bay, you shouldn’t feel discouraged–it’s definitely a worthwhile trip.

Wondering where to eat in Half Moon Bay after you’re all pumpkined out? Try Dad’s Luncheonette for Cal-American food in a historic train caboose, Barbara’s Fish Trap for quality fish and chips on the beach, San Benito’s Deli for a sandwich in their garden, or Sam’s Chowder House for classic seafood dining overlooking the Pacific.

Without further ado, here are 7 pumpkin farms and patches in Half Moon Bay for a pumpkin-perfect day trip  just in time for Halloween:

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1. Pastorino Farms

Photo: Wassim Khemici for 49 Miles.
Pastorini Farms. Photo: Wassim Khemici, 49 Miles.

Pastorino Farms is so photogenic that nearly every corner is perfect for Instagram. In addition to be really pretty, they have every attraction that a pumpkin patch could offer: a train ride, haunted house, jump house, and an adorable shop inside their barn with all the Halloween decor you’ll need this season.
Pastorino Farms | 12391 San Mateo Road, Half Moon Bay, CA | Hours: 9AM-5PM daily until Halloween | $$

2. Farmer John’s Pumpkin Farm

Farmer John. Photo: Wassim Khemici for 49 Miles.

Farmer John has a serious collection of unique pumpkins that he has carefully cultivated by planting seeds imported from all over the world. His farm has the second largest pumpkin in the nation, which alone is a worthy attraction. After choosing your designer pumpkin, stop for a photo-op on the pumpkin covered tractor and make sure to chat with the charming Farmer John on your way out for some quippy banter.
Farmer John’s
| 850 North Cabrillo Highway, on the Ocean Side, Half Moon Bay, CA | Hours: 9AM-5:30PM daily | $

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3. HV Produce

Photo: Wassim Khemici for 49 Miles.
Photo: Wassim Khemici for 49 Miles.

HV Produce sells their own farm-to-table produce in addition to their vast pumpkin collection, so you can get your groceries for the week while prepping for Halloween. The best part? They have a free corn maze!
HV Produce
| 12950 San Mateo Road, Half Moon Bay, CA | Hours: Monday-Friday: 9AM-7PM, Saturday-Sunday: 9AM-7:30PM | $

4. Bob’s Vegetable Stand & Pumpkin Farm

Bob’s Farm. Photo: Wassim Khemici for 49 Miles.
Photo: Wassim Khemici for 49 Miles.

In addition to being a real-deal pumpkin farm (there are pumpkins still growing from the ground) Bob’s Farm has all the fresh produce of your kitchen’s dreams. They’re at a mesmerizing location on Highway 1 with dramatic views of the Pacific Ocean. It’s located on a humungous lot, surrounded by mountains and rustic barns, transporting you to a countryside fantasy fit for Dorothy (and her little dog too).
Bob’s Vegetable Stand & Pumpkin Farm |Highway 1, five miles south of Highway 92 on the East side, Half Moon Bay, CA | Hours: 9AM-6PM | $ | Cash Only

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5. Arata’s Pumpkin Farm

Photo: Wassim Khemici for 49 Miles.

Though their hay maze isn’t free like HV Produce’s corn maze, it’s by far the most impressive maze in the area. So if you want to be amazed, go here.They also have a haunted house, hay rides, and some larger-than-life pumpkins that’ll impress Cinderella herself.  
Arata’s Pumpkin Farm
| 185 Verde Road, Half Moon Bay, CA | Hours: Sunday-Thursday: 9AM-7PM, Friday-Saturday: 9AM-10:30PM | $$

6.  4 C’s Pumpkin Patch

Photo: Wassim Khemici for 49 Miles.

For those driving to Half Moon Bay from the westbound from the Silicon Valley, this is the most convenient choice since it’s located nearest the Peninsula on Highway 92.  The pumpkin patch is right next to 4 C’s Christmas tree patch, so you kinda get the best of both holidays at once. 
4 C’s Pumpkin Patch
| 12731 San Mateo Road, Half Moon Bay, CA | Hours: Monday-Friday: 9AM-5PM, Saturday-Sunday: 9AM-7PM | $

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7. Repetto’s Pumpkins

Photo: Wassim Khemici for 49 Miles.

With haystacks galore and a cornfield to boot, there is no shortage of opportunities to update social media at Repetto’s. And as largely emblazoned on their banner, all pumpkins are $5 or less (excluding the giants, so you’ll have to shell out a couple extra bucks for the Great Pumpkin).
Repetto’s Pumpkin’s
| 12592 San Mateo Rd, Half Moon Bay, CA | Hours: Monday-Friday: 9AM-6PM, Saturday-Sunday: 9AM-6PM | $ | Cash Only

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