5 Places Near San Francisco to Escape the Patriot Prayer Rally

In case you haven’t heard the unspeakable news, white nationalists are planning rallies in San Francisco on August 26th, and in Berkeley on August 27th.


You might be brainstorming ways to avoid the bedlam, and we’re here to help you get away from it all. Here’s a list of 5 places within an hour from San Francisco and Berkeley to help you avoid these unseemly gatherings.

And, just a friendly reminder: call the officials at Golden Gate National Recreation Area and demand they deny the spread of hate speech and violence in our public parks.

1. The Most Beautiful Taco Bell on Earth

Photo: Adam Isserlis, Flickr, Creative Commons.

Because dodging neo-nazis is a valid excuse to break your diet. The Taco Bell in Pacifica is known to be the most beautiful Taco Bell in the world, which says a lot. It sits right on the beach and has a walk-through (it’s like a drive-through but…you walk) where beachgoers can order chalupas and retreat back to the sand.

2. The (Epic) Pulgas Water Temple in Woodside

Photo: James Diggans, Flickr, Creative Commons

It’s a wonder why the Pulgas Water Temple isn’t as packed as Dolores Park on a sunny Saturday, as it’s an absolute marvel. It’s a stone structure at 86 Cañada Road in Woodside. It was erected by the San Francisco Water Department to commemorate the 1934 completion of the Hetch Hetchy Aqueduct (the thing that provides your delicious water), then replaced in 1938 with its current design. With a vast lawn, it’s a great place to picnic. On Sundays, San Mateo County closes part of Cañada Road to vehicles, turning the road leading to the temple into a bike and pedestrian trail. So, if you choose to go on Sunday, be prepared to hike for a mile or so. As it sits along the Crystal Springs reservoir, it’s a scenic trail that’ll make you forget about the woes of the world.

3. Stanford’s Free Art Museum

Photo: Allie_Caufield, Flickr, Creative Commons

Stanford University’s Cantor Arts Center is a free museum open to the public. The recently renovated museum’s architecture is stunning on its own, with the help of the myriad outdoor Rodin sculptures that dance around the building. Inside you’ll find a collection of world class art, the quality of which will render you baffled as to  wonder why you’ve ever spent $25 on museum admission.

4. Dad’s Luncheonette in Half Moon Bay

Photo: Dad’s Luncheonette, Facebook

Dad’s Luncheonette is as charming as photos suggest. It’s a simple one-of-a-kind luncheonette that serves clean, locally-sourced food that is meant to be a cheerful retreat for hungry beachgoers. Since it’s the only establishment of its kind in the Bay Area, it’s worth the extra mile to visit.

5. Burlingame Avenue in Burlingame

Photo: Strategic Economics, Flickr, Creative Commons

Though parking around Burlingame Avenue can be tedious, it’s way better than parking around Union Square and far less stuffy than any indoor Westfield Mall. Head to this sunny suburban enclave to spruce up your wardrobe, pick up some stationary, and then grab a quality meal (and maybe a cocktail). With newly widened sidewalks and no shortage of restaurants, salons, and bakeries, it’s a relaxing sidestep from urban commercial thoroughfares but nonetheless bustling.

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