49 Things to Be Grateful for Living in San Francisco’s 49 Miles

1. Baker Beach!

Photo: gags9999, Flickr, Creative Commons

2. Sundays at Dolores Park (and Saturdays…and weekdays).


San Francisco's Dolores Park on a warm, sunny day.
Dolores Park on a sunny day. Photo: Kyle Legg, 49Miles.com.

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3. And the 200+ other fabulous parks when Dolores gets too crowded…

Sunset over Alamo Square Park.
Sunset over Alamo Square Park. Photo: Kyle Legg, 49Miles.com.

4. Countless cool stairway walks.

Photo: Wassim Khemici, 49 Miles

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5. The views!

View From Grand View Park. Photo: Kyle Legg, 49miles.com.

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6. Dedication to public art: street art, murals, installations (Bay Lights, Venus, Conservatory Photosynthesis, just to name a few…).

SF Heart Sculpture at Union Square. Photo: Kim, Flickr, Creative Commons.

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7. Creative cuisine from all over the world.

Dinner at Pläj in San Francisco. Photo: Emily E. Martin.

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8. Craft cocktails and beer.

Photo: Derkey Key, Flickr, Creative Commons

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9. The buildings, architecture, and ever growing skyline.

Photo: Mariordo59, Flickr, Creative Commons

10. Civic duty! Shout out to the Civic Center.

Photo: TJ DeGroat, Flickr, Creative Commons.

11. Food truck paradise. #OffTheGrid is #OffTheHook.

David Mcspadden, Flickr, Creative Commons

12. Third Wave Coffee.

Adorable mochas from Bulldog Coffee. Photo: @ieatsf.

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13.Shopping on Maiden Lane…or just window shopping.

Photo: Adam S, Flickr, Creative Commons

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14. The Lakes: Merced, Stowe, Spreckles…

Model Sailboat on Spreckels Lake. Photo: kennejima, Flickr, Creative Commons.

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15. Iconic landmarks, like the Golden Gate and Bay Bridge, the Coit Tower, Sutro Tower…and many more.

Coit Tower San Francisco California in a blue sky day USA

16. The Robin Williams Tunnel.

Photo: Ann S, Flickr, Creative Commons

17. No need for a car: BART, Muni…and most importantly, trollies and cable cars!

Photo: Franck Michel, Flickr, Creative Commons.

18. Or you can forego public transit altogether for more convenience…

Photo: Kārlis Dambrāns, Flickr, Creative Commons

19. The Mother of All Pride Parades.

The 2015 SF Gay Pride Parade. Photo: Ed Bierman, Flickr, Creative Commons.

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20. Bay to Breakers, an unofficial San Francisco Holiday.

Photo: David Goehring, Flickr, Creative Commons.

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21. “Only in SF” festivals and street fairs like Folsom, How Weird, Hardly Strictly Bluegrass, Stern Grove, and more…

How Weird. Photo: Facebook

22. Diversity, inclusivity, and a (mostly) woke populace.

San Francisco City Hall illuminated in rainbow colors in honor of Pride Week.

23. The arts! (SFMOMA, de Young, Legion of Honor, Opera, Symphony, SHN, etc.)

Win free tickets to SFMOMA. Photo: Kyle Legg, 49Miles.com.

24. Diverse and culturally rich neighborhoods like Haight-Ashbury, Chinatown, North Beach, the Castro, and Mission.

Photo: Ken Lund, Flickr, Creative Commons.

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25. History (by which we mean herstory).

Photo: Dennis Jarvis, Flickr, Creative Commons.

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26. Union Square!

Union Square is ready for Christmas. San Francisco, CA. Photo: Creative Commons.

27. The fact that Harbor Seals casually hang out here.

Photo: USDA, Flickr, Creative Commons

28. World-class local wine. Cheers!

Photo: Don McCullough, Flickr, Creative Commons.

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29. Local produce and the Farmer’s Markets at the Ferry Building.

Photo: USDA, Flickr, Creative Commons.

30. Treasure Island views and the flea markets.

Photo: Frano Folini, Flickr, Creative Commons.

31. Sometimes the Blue Angels fly around and it’s awesome.

Photo: Official U.S. Navy Page, Flickr, Creative Commons.

32.Ocean Beach, a bonfire and surfing haven.

Ocean Beach isn’t a good place to learn how to surf, but the Outer Sunset’s beach is a paradise for experienced surfers. Photo: Shannon McInerney, 49Miles.com.

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33. Sourdough bread. Thank you “mother yeast.”

Photo: Monica, Flickr, Creative Commons.

34. Fresh Cioppino, which was created in San Francisco.

Photo: Sonny Abesamis, Flickr, Creative Commons.

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35. The best dogs ever. #DogFriendly

One happy dog atop San Francisco's Corona Heights Park.
One happy dog atop San Francisco’s Corona Heights Park. Photo: Kyle Legg, 49Miles.com.

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36. Our many wonderful schools.

 University of San Francisco. Photo: Michael Fraley, Flickr, Creative Commons

37. Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi!

Photo: Mobilus In Mobili, Flickr, Creative Commons

38. Drag queens: Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, Heklina, and at one glorious point in time, Divine.

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, hosting their infamous Hunky Jesus Contest. Photo: Jere Keys, Flickr, Creative Commons.

39. The fact that you never have to grow up here, thanks to an endless supply of barcades and booze-fueled antics. #NeverlandVibes.

Pinball room upstairs at Coin-Op Room. Photo: Coin-Op San Francisco, Facebook.

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40. Our beloved SFO International Airport.

Photo: Daniel Arauz, Flickr, Creative Commons.

41. Romance!

Photo: Uncorked! Wine Festival

42. Cool bridges.

Photo: Steven Bratman, Flickr, Creative Commons.

43. Nightlife, namely during the daytime.

Daytime party at El Rio. Photo: Swaggerlikeussf, Instagram.

44. Boba, baby.

Boba Guys. Photo: Boba Guys, Facebook.

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45. Hometown sports: the Giants, Golden State Warriors, and the 49ers.

Klay Thompson reppin’ the The Golden State. Photo: NBA.com

46. You can hike and do a nature getaway without leaving the City.

Lands End. Photo: Shutterstock.

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47. The fact that steep inclines at every corner will render your gym membership obsolete.

Photo: Shutterstock.

48. Proximity to amazing getaways: Lake Tahoe, Wine Country, Big Sur, the Central Coast, and much more.

Photo: Billie Grace Ward, Flickr, Creative Commons

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49. The Dog Days of Indian Summer…with a chance of Karl, the Fog.

Photo: Mark Fischer, Flickr, Creative Commons.




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