Where to Get Special Snapchat Filters in SF This Weekend

It’s Friday, San Francisco, and we have a treat for you!

This warm and sunny weekend we are bringing exclusive Snapchat geofilters to four of our favorite spots to be outdoors in the City. Slap on some sunscreen, grab a bottle of rosé and don’t forget your smartphones as you head out.

Send your “Scenic Snaps” to us on Snapchat: SF49Miles, or share them on Instagram using #SFGuide.

Twin Peaks

Just a little after sunrise tomorrow, you’ll get access to our first filter at the lookout from Twin Peaks. This filter will be live most of the day Saturday, April 16th from 7:00AM to 8:00PM. We can’t wait to see what you share with us — from your morning walk up the summit, to sunset selfies.

Alamo Square Park

Everywhere you look in Alamo Square Park tomorrow (April 16th) from 11:00AM to 4:00PM, people will be sharing selfies in front of the Full House houses (that’s not actually the Full House house, though) with the 49 Miles Snapchat filter. Send us a snap video of yourself singing the Full House theme song anyways, just for kicks.

Crissy Field

Just before runners take off for the Levi’s Presidio 10 Run, you’ll get access to Scenic Snap filter #3 at Crissy Field, near the Warming Hut. This filter will be live from 7:00AM to 3:00PM on Sunday, April 17th.

Dolores Park

It’s going to be 78°F on Sunday, so what better way to spend the day than at Dolores Park? Everywhere in the park you will have “Scenic Snaps” filter from 11:00AM–5:00PM on Sunday, April 17th. We can’t wait to see what your drinking or what flavor of ice cream you picked up from Bi-Rite.


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