Desk to Dusk: Glam in Two Minutes

Desk to Dusk: Frances Feldmann's Two-Minute Beauty Tips

While working and living in a 24-hour city is both exciting and glamorous, it can also be very overwhelming. For women, looking effortlessly chic at all times requires thought and a bit of creativity, which we sometimes have no time for.

Whether it’s cocktails with coworkers, dinner with friends, networking events, or simply finishing up a project on your laptop at your favorite corner coffee shop, we should always try and look our best.

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Here are my two-minute beauty tips for you to use from desk to dusk.

Step 1: After Work Refresher

Freshen up with a mineral face mist. Photo:
Freshen up with a mineral face mist. Photo:

Use a mineral face mist to refresh your skin and foundation after work. I recommend Bobbi Brown’s Mineral Face Mist, but there are many brands you can choose from. Spray about 5 to 6 inches away from your face and, with a small blending sponge, lightly dab the excess to refresh and even out your foundation from your morning’s application.

Step 2: Quick Lip Glam

Make a statement with a bold lip. Go with a classic red, brown, or mauve. Photo:
Make a statement with a bold lip. Go with a classic red, brown, or mauve. Photo:

Spice up your makeup with a little lip glam. There’s nothing more feminine or glamorous than arriving to an after-work event with a statement lip. You can never go wrong with a classic red, but if you’re looking for an on-trend look, go with a brown. If you just wanna have some fun, mauve is the answer. I used an Auburn Red, which is great for Fall!

Step 3: After Hours Ponytail

We love Leonor Greyl's all-natural product line. Photo:
We love Leonor Greyl’s all-natural product line. Photo:

Long and stressful days have us constantly touching our hair. This means it tends to look greasy and dirty by the end of the workday. However, it’s the perfect combination for fun ponytails. Try wrapping your hair tie with some of your hair, teasing the rest of the ponytail with a brush, like the one pictured above. Use a texturizing spray with a bit of oil on the ends. I recommend the luxurious, all-natural product line, Leonor Greyl. This will create a more relaxed look for an after hours outing. As a hairstylist, I carry these products in my purse. But I’m sure these small bottles would fit perfectly in your bottom desk drawer.

Leonor Greyl Paris Spray Algues Et Fleurs, 5.2 oz.
Leonor Greyl Paris Voluforme, 4.2 fl. oz.
Leonor Greyl Huile Secret de Beaute 3.2 oz

Step 4: Embrace Your Baby Hairs

Baby hairs always look youthful and pretty. Photo:
Baby hairs always look youthful and pretty. Photo:

If you have baby hair along your hairline, use it! It always looks youthful and pretty. Let those babies sit on your forehead as the rest of your hair is either fully or halfway pulled away from your face. It’s a current trend and gives off the “effortless” glam feel.

[twenty20 img1=”5305″ img2=”5306″ direction=”horizontal” offset=”0.5″]

These small, two-minute changes can make such a difference. You simply never know who you’ll meet, whether you’re working out of your favorite coffee shop for the day, or spending a night out on the town. These quick and easy steps will make you look and feel refreshed and ready to hit the town after a long day at work. If you found these tips helpful and enjoyable, make sure to visit and follow @onlocationglam on Instagram.

Stay tuned for my favorite Fall lip liner colors, and share your beauty and style pictures with #SFGuideStyle on Instagram.

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