Hosting Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving? Try These 8 Caterers in SF

Preparing a full on Thanksgiving dinner can be hectic and time consuming, but it doesn’t always have to be so difficult. Lucky for all you party hosts out there, these 8 establishments are here to make sure your Thanksgiving can be as enjoyable and mouthwatering as possible. From the monstrous turduckens and juicy deep fried turkeys, to pies that are sweeter than Shirley Temple ever was, these restaurants got you covered for all your holiday catering needs!

Cajun Pacific

Fried Chicken, Mashed Potatoes & Greens. Cajun Pacific, Instagram: @johnanaya.

Ever wanted to have a deep fried turkey on Thanksgiving but was always deterred from the idea of cooking one at home due to all the horror stories of homes blowing up due to mishandling of the process? Well look no further! Cajun Pacific will do the hard part for you for just $165! For the price you will receive a juicy and tender 18-21 lb deep fried turkey that’s sure to please all your guests! Also available on their catering menu is the glorious monstrosity that is the 31 lb turducken for $200! With a lineup like that, Cajun Pacific will definitely impress your guests this holiday season!

Cajun Pacific Restaurant & Catering // 1710 Mission Street @ Duboce in Brick & Mortar Music Hall // 415-504-6652

Queen’s Louisiana Po-Boy Cafe 

“Fried Chicken & Gumbo”. Queen’s Louisiana Po-Boys Cafe, Instagram: @king_d_isdg.

Give your Thanksgiving some soul and order your deep fried turkey from Queen’s Louisiana Po-Boy Cafe this this year! All turkeys typically weigh on average 14-16 lbs and are deep fried on Thanksgiving day to ensure fresh and crispy turkeys for your enjoyment! Also be sure to try out some of their Southern banana pudding which will make for the perfect ending to your Thanksgiving meal!   

Queen’s Louisiana Po-boy Cafe // 3030 San Bruno Avenue San Francisco, CA, 94134 // Sunday & Monday Closed, Tuesday – Friday 11:30 am – 8:00 pm, Saturday 11:30 am – 8:00 pm // 415-656-0711

Whole Foods

Whole Foods, Instagram: @wholefoods.
Whole Foods, Instagram: @wholefoods.

Whole Foods is offering both cooked and uncooked holiday meals for your family this holiday season. Whether you’re looking for whole turkey dinners, side platters, pre-cooked entrees, desserts, seafood platters, uncooked meats, and many more, Whole Foods has you covered.  Whole turkey dinners will feed from 8 to 12 guests ranging from $99.99 – $289.99 that come with 6 – 9 delicious sides as well.

Whole Foods // Various locations across the city // Everyday: 8am – 10pm


“Turkeys, stuffing, pies, booze”. Bi-Rite Market, Instagram: @biritesf.

Choose from an extensive array of options for your Thanksgiving dinner needs at Bi-Rite. From whole turkeys, various stuffings, gravies, mashed delicacies, pies, and bubblies, if you need it they got it!

Bi-Rite // 3639 18th Street San Francisco, CA 94110 // Every Day: 9am – 9pm // 415.241.9760

The Whole Beast

“Wagyu Beef Tri-tip”. The Whole Beast, Instagram: @thewholebeast.

Contact The Whole Beast for all your catering needs this holiday season. They offer a whole roasted turkey dinner that will feed 8-12 guests for $169 or just the turkey for $129. The Whole Beast sources all their turkeys from Willie Bird Turkey in Sonoma and they brine the turkeys for 2 days before slow cooking them to perfection. The whole roasted turkey dinner option comes with delicious sides like their special gravy, organic buttered mashed satsuma yams and cranberry compote that will have your mouth watering.

The Whole Beast // San Francisco, CA // [email protected] // (415) 816-1414

Green Chile Kitchen

Green Chile Kitchen SF, Instagram: @greenchilekitchensf.

Order your pie from Green Chile Kitchen today for a treat you’ll never forget! With mouthwatering selections like Green Chile Apple, Spiced Caramel Apple, Mexican Chocolate Mixed Nut, Pear, Cranberry Cardamom with Almond Streusel, Harvest Pumpkin, Sweet Vegan Potato with Pecan Praline, and Lemon Buttermilk, you will have your taste buds exploding after the first bite this holiday season!

Green Chile Kitchen // 601 Baker San Francisco, CA 94117 // Everyday: 12pm – 10pm // [email protected] // (415) 614-9411

Mission Pie

“So Pie-cturesque”. Mission Pie, Instagram: @millennialnoms.

If fresh mouthwatering handmade pastries is what you’re looking for, then look no further because Mission Pie is what you’ve been looking for! Bakers at Mission Pie begin their days at 5AM and have the full menu available by 8AM! Try pies by the slice for $4 or bring a whole pie home for the family! Whole pies are 9 inches and will feed 6-8 guests for $27. Check out Mission Pie today!

Mission Pie // 2901 Mission St at 25th San Francisco, CA 94110 // Monday 7am-2pm, Tuesday – Fri 7am-10pm, Saturday 8am-10pm, Sunday 9am-10pm //  415.282.1500

Heidi’s Pies 

Pumpkin Cream Cheese Pie. Heidi’s Pies, Instagram: @allyvoon.

Established in 1970, Heidi’s Pies Family Restaurant has become a legendary landmark located in San Mateo. Open 24/7 365 days a year, Heidi’s is the place to go if you’re ever looking to satisfy your late night sweet tooth! All their pies are equally mouthwatering and they only use the highest quality ingredients and fresh fruits! Choose from their selection of whipped cream, seasonal specials, sugar free, specialty, and fresh fruit pies and share them with your guests this holiday season, that is if there’s any left before they arrive.  

Heidi’s Pies // 1941 S El Camino Real San Mateo, CA 94403 // Everyday 24 hours // (650) 574-0505 // [email protected]

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