Pokémon GO: The SF Guide to Catching ‘Em All [Updating]

Have you caught them all yet? While the Pokémon GO frenzy is finally dying down, persistent trainers are still trying to catch ‘em all. We already guided you with three Poké walks, but here are where you can find Pokémon spawning across San Francisco (excluding Zubat, Spearow, and Pidgey — YOU’RE WELCOME):


Bulbasaur: Land’s End, Golden Gate Park, South of Market, Tenderloin, Western Addition
Charmander: Financial District, Ferry Building, North Beach
Squirtle: Fort Mason, Lower Haight, Duboce Triangle, Ferry Building

Normal Type Pokémon

Clefairy: Financial District, Golden Gate Park, Laurel Heights, Presidio, Union Square
Cubone: City Hall, Polk Street, Union Square
Eevee: California Cable Car line, Embarcadero, Land’s End, North Beach, Presidio
Jigglypuff: Financial District, North Beach, Pier 35, Tenderloin
Lickitung: North Beach
MeowthGolden Gate Park, Land’s End, The Mission
Porygon: Market Street, SoMa
Slowpoke: Golden Gate Park, Land’s End

Grass & Poison Type Pokémon

Arbok: Golden Gate Park, Van Ness
Beedrill: Golden Gate Park
Bellsprout: City Hall, Financial District, Fort Mason, Golden Gate Park, North Beach
Almost everywhere
Ekans: Alamo Square, Golden Gate Park, Land’s End
Ivysaur: Fort Mason, Golden Gate Park, Land’s End
Koffing: Fort Mason, SoMa
Nidoran♂/♀: Almost everywhere
Nidoking: Golden Gate Park, The Mission
Nidoqueen: Golden Gate Park
Oddish: Dolores Park, Golden Gate Park, North Beach, Outer Richmond, Presidio, SoMa
Pinsir: San Francisco Design Center, SoMa, Yerba Buena Gardens
Scyther: Golden Gate Park, Land’s End
Tangela: Coit Tower, Dogpatch, Golden Gate Park
Victreebell: Golden Gate Park
Vileplume: Golden Gate Park

Fire Type Pokémon

Growlithe: Corona Heights, Financial District, Land’s End, Presidio, Russian HIll
Magmar: Financial District, Lake Merced Park, North Beach
Ponyta: Ferry Building, Musée Mechanique
Vulpix: The Metreon, Land’s End, Tenderloin

Water Type Pokémon

Goldeen: Almost everywhere
Horsea: Land’s End Coastal Trails
Presidio Terrace
The Embarcadero, Ferry Building, Fort Mason, Golden Gate Park, The Marina, Ocean Beach
Lapras: The Embarcadero
Along the Waterfront, Golden Gate Park
Poliwag: Almost everywhere
Along the northern and eastern Waterfronts
Staryu: The Embarcadero, Ferry Building, Golden Gate Park, Lower Haight
Tentacool: The Embarcadero, Ferry Building, Golden Gate Park, Land’s End, The Marina
Tentacruel: Crissy Field, The Embarcadero, Golden Gate Park
Wartortle: The Embarcadero, Fort Mason

Rock & Fighting Type Pokémon

Aerodactyl: South Beach, The Sunset, Van Ness
Diglet: Golden Gate Park, Land’s End, Presidio
Dugtrio: Land’s End, Presidio
Polk Street, Russian Hill, North Beach
Machop: Lower Haight, The Marina
Machoke: North Beach
Omanyte: Fort Mason
Onix: Fillmore, Japantown, San Francisco Design Center
Rhyhorn: Golden Gate Park, Van Ness

Electric Type Pokémon

Electrode: Land’s End
Magnemite: Alta Plaza Park, Land’s End
Pikachu: Financial District, Golden Gate Park, Land’s End, Noe Valley
Voltorb: Land’s End

Ghost & Psychic Type Pokémon

Abra: Financial District, Golden Gate Park, Land’s End, Presidio
Alakazam: Land’s End, Outer Richmond
Gastly: Duboce Triangle, Presidio, SoMa

Dragon Type Pokémon

Dratini: AT&T Park, The Embarcadero, Exploratorium, Fisherman’s Wharf, Fort Mason, Musée Mechanique, Pier 3


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