10 Gifts for San Francisco Caffeine Addicts

The embodiment of a perfect gift should be useful, heartwarming, and thoughtful, all things that a great cup of coffee delivers. For those cold winter mornings, those dreaded busy Mondays, or lethargic Wednesday afternoons, there’s nothing more uplifting than a nice cup of joe. This holiday season spread the gift of joy with these great caffeinated delights. These great gifts by San Franciscan companies like Blue Bottle Coffee to soothing caffeinated shaving sets from Pacific Shaving Co. we have you covered in the search for the perfect gift this holiday season.


Blue Bottle Coffee Subscription

(Did you know that our local roaster Blue Bottle offers gift subscriptions? You simply pick how many months you’d like to gift the subscription, and Blue Bottle will deliver coffee beans every other week to the lucky recipient — a unique and unexpected gift for the coffee lover!)

Blue Bottle Coffee1355 Market Street, San Francisco, CA | www.bluebottlecoffee.com


The Blue Bottle Craft of Coffee, $24.99

(Blue Bottle’s “The Blue Bottle Craft of Coffee” is everything coffee, from growing coffee beans to consumption. Learn how to brew the perfect cup of coffee step by step from Blue Bottle Founder James Freeman and how to create more than 30 innovative recipes from Caitlin Freeman, Blue Bottle’s in-house pastry chef.)

Blue Bottle Coffee1355 Market Street, San Francisco CA | www.bluebottlecoffee.com

MATCHA GREEN TEA, 40ct, $59.99 (Left), COFFEE & CREAM, 40ct, $59.99 (Bottom Center), AMERICANO, 40ct, $59.99 (Top Center), MOCHA, 40ct, $59.99 (Right)

(A match made in heaven between coffee and chocolate, sweeten up the day with a stimulating bite of il Morso’s caffeinated treats this holiday season anyone will appreciate!)

il Morso Coffee & Tea | Treasure Island, San Francisco, CA | www.ilmorso.com

Sightglass Aeropress Brewer’s Kit, $100

(The Sightglass Aeropress Brewer’s Kit will help you achieve that perfect pour over drip coffee that’s alluded you all this time in less than 60 seconds. For $100 you’ll receive a portable Porlex Mini Mill hand cranked grinder, an Aeropress Coffeemaker dripper, a “Warm Fuzzy Feeling” patch, and 8 oz of Sightglass’ classic Blueboon Blend.)

Sightglass Coffee | 270 7th Street San Francisco CA | www.sightglasscoffee.com

Andytown Thermos, $22

(Coffee to-go never looked so good! Andytown’s one of a kind Coffee Thermos will have all your friends jittering with envy.)

Andytown Coffee | 3655 Lawtown Street, San Francisco CA  | www.andytownsf.com


Grind & Brew Deluxe Gift Box, $190.00

(Gift the essential tools to conjure the perfect cup of pour over drip coffee like the pros at the coffee shop with the Ritual Coffee Grind & Brew Deluxe Gift Box this holiday season. This gift box includes a 12 oz bag of Ritual coffee beans, the Hario Ceramic V60 brewer, Hario V60 Filters, a Porlex Mini Mill Grinder, a Hario Buono Kettle, and of course The Classic Ritual Mug!)

Ritual Coffee | 432b Octavia Street, San Francisco, CAwww.ritualroasters.com

Caffeine Shaving Cream & Aftershave Set– Pacific Shaving Company, $15

(Yes, you read it right the first time! The Pacific Shaving Company has found a way to incorporate naturally derived caffeine into their shave and aftershave products that can have you feeling like a million bucks. Did you know that caffeine is rich in antioxidants and can act as an agent that helps soothe and reduce skin redness. This Caffeine Shaving Cream & Aftershave Set by Pacific Shaving Company is fragrant free, vegan, long-lasting, and TSA-travel friendly making it the perfect gift.)

Pacific Shaving Companywww.pacificshaving.com


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