Ditch the Deck – 4 Ways to Use Redwood in Small Yards

To hear some talk, you could be forgiven if you assumed redwood trees grew in deck board shapes. Many homeowners assume that’s the only use for this incredibly versatile wood. However, the natural qualities of this lumber make it ideal for a vast variety of projects for any size home or yard.

If your space is too small for a deck, here are four ways redwood can bring natural beauty to your outdoor space:

  • Seating – Benches, bistro sets and Adirondack chairs all are a perfect fit for redwood’s natural strength and beauty that creates the kind of seating to enjoy every season.
  • Planters – Redwood is ideal for garden boxes and planters to hold flowering plants, herbs, even vegetable gardens.
  • Trellis – the perfect partner to your redwood planter, a trellis can be used to add visual height without requiring much square footage.
  • Overhang – a small yard doesn’t mean you have to give up on a focal point of interest. Installing an overhang connected to your home’s exterior wall can define an outdoor living space while preserving green space in your yard.

Unlike some other types of wood, redwood does not need to be treated – it’s non-toxic and all-natural. Lightweight yet durable, redwood is easy to build with and will last for decades. Redwood is also naturally rot- and insect-resistant, two more reasons why it’s perfect for outdoor projects. Redwood is also Class B fire rated and may be used without restriction in California’s Wildland-Urban Interface (WUI) zones.

A renewable, recyclable, and biodegradable material, Redwood provides environmental advantages over alternative building materials. It is also a California original, sustainably grown and harvested under some of the strictest forestry regulations in the world.

To learn more about one of nature’s most environmentally friendly, beautiful, and strong building materials and to find local redwood dealers, visit www.getredwood.com.

Jessica Hewitt is Director of Marketing at Humboldt Redwood Company. HRC is working to cultivate a lasting legacy of environmentally responsible forestry and sourcing, manufacturing, and distribution of top-quality redwood lumber products.

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